Our Process.
We’ve left the old agency models and processes behind – they just don’t work anymore. Trust me, we’ve tried. So we’re changing the way we work, the way we plan & the way we do business.

In-house or agency? Our clients are our partners.
The latest trend for many companies is to scale down the amount of work they do with advertising or digital agencies and create an in-house agency to take care of marketing activities. In the beginning this creates a surge of positivity due to the ”key signings” of creative superstars to the in-house team.

But let’s be honest – how much of an ”outside in” perspective will this team genuinely have after 1-2 years together? However we absolutely do not see the in-house team as an enemy. Quite the opposite in fact. We actively encourage it – as a starting point to your greater success.

Small teams working on big challenges in collaboration with our clients

We work tightly with in-house teams – often in the form of workshops and education slots – to add creative ideas and new thinking to the mix.

Working with us you will find our approach agile, transparent and built on an extremely tight partnership. You will become a part of our team and vice versa. We’ll work together like no other partnership you have experienced before. We are the creative and innovative boost you need to provide your customers with a whole new experience.

Who works with us?
We work with everyone from brand new start-ups to large companies who have perhaps been stagnant for a while and are in need of a genuine boost to land slap bang in the middle of the digital future. We also work with clients who have an excellent online marketing background and want to develop even further.

What can you expect from us?
Every suggestion we will ever make for your business is the result of strategic research, user research and as many insights as possible into your industry, your existing customers and your desired customers. You’ll receive far more than just the most attractive online media in your industry.

We’re always looking to find the bravest solutions to your business problems which will make you ten times stronger than your nearest competitor.

You can expect to be challenged by BRV. We tell clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

What not to expect from us
Don’t expect us to turn up and try to sell you CMS systems, e-commerce systems or any other technical platforms just to try and keep a gang of our programmers busy. Our suggestions to you are based purely on what you need to succeed. Our focus is on Strategy; User Experience and Interface Design.

So come and taste the difference.
Our first project together will solve a specific business challenge you have, and we look forward to solving it together with you.

Wanna know more?

Don’t hesitate to contact : Stefan Jakobsson | CEO and digital strategist | stefan.jakobsson@brave.se+46 707 550 496