Brave agencys Frazer - Danny Saucedo films

Fazer + Danny Saucedo + BRV = Winning

Fazer from BRV Agency on Vimeo.

We were happy to help out our friends at Fazer recently – together with Danny Saucedo, a well known Swedish performer – and boost their hugely worthy SOS Children Villages campaign.  Our job was to create a concept, and promote the hashtag #hurlåterchoklad (How does chocolate sound).

We created a series of short films and content to be published on social media channels Instagram and Facebook.

If you’d like your business to make sales and boost your brand awareness using the right social media, get in touch with us! E-mail

Future eyewear website - Brave Agency

Back to the Future!

We’re proud to announce a new client – Future Eyewear Group. Future Eyewear Group have brands in their stable such as Bliz, Dr.Zipe, Prestige, Granite amongst others.

Our first project together with Future will be creating a little more online emotion around the Bliz brand using modern web techniques and animations. Bliz is a well-known and respected brand who work with top class athletes such as Charlotte Kalla, the Swedish Ski-Cross Team and many others.

“I’m glad that we have found a partner who can help us drive forward our digital marketing and sales and really take the next step in optimizing and getting ROI from our digital channels” said Andreas Persson, Marketing Director at Future.


* Check out the official trailer for the video Supervention 2, made by talented Field Productions, including Dr.Zipe team athlete Anders Backe.

navina 3D film by Brave Agency

Healthcare product launch with 3D film

We love working with our client Wellspect - they are an industry leading healthcare company specialising in catheters. In the past we've helped them implement an innovative e-learning system and our sister company at the COG have helped them considerably with branding and assorted marketing materials through the years.

For the particular product campaign in the film here we were helping with the launch of an extremely exciting new product called Navina. We were involved with the digital assets for the launch, including this 3D animation.


Meet the man behind the pixels

When we bring in designers to the BRV family we bring in the creme-de-la-creme. The best. People that live and breath modern user experience and design and give love to each and every pixel. Not only that, they need to have business-savvy growth hacker instincts.

Nothing gladdens my hardened Scottish heart more than seeing the team here at BRV HQ in the evenings or at weekends beavering away.  Sharpening their skills. Sacrificing endless Netflix shows to stay at the top of their game.

So yes, great online designers are not easy to find.

However we did find this one. Mr Gustav Ågren has it all.  Here's a few questions posed to the man, the myth and the design heart of BRV.

When you've finished reading this article, make sure you go to his Dribbble page to see his work and get inspired!


Q: Gustav with a V! Tell us a little about yourself! Age, sex, location:
I'm a 24 year old leg-breaking center back from the suburb Partille just outside Gothenburg. Tidy.


Q: Did you study? If so, what?
I studied graphic design and communication at NTI Media here in Gothenburg.


Q: Where did you work before BRV?
I've been around! Started my career at Duplica (former Toro - Götatryckeriet) where I created design for all kinds of medias.  From print to adverts, identities, and digital products. Since then I've worked with startups, design studios and a few months as a freelancer. My shortest employment was 7 days. I had just started at a small design agency when I was approached by the guys from Studio JAG, after a couple of beers they managed to convince me to go with them.


Q: So what's your job at BRV?
My job description is digital designer. As a digital designer I try my very best to create thoughtful and beautiful solutions for the digital world.


Q: What's the best part of your job? Apart from working with me, obviously...
Designing, sketching and illustrating is stuff I like to do outside of work too, so being able to work with something I have a real passion for is the best part of being a designer.


Q: What gets you really excited workwise?  What do you LOVE working on?
Starting a new project is always the best part of any project. Exploring different ideas, improving user experience and trying out different styles is easily the most fun.


Q: What's the best online design you've seen lately?  Through us a link or two...
I'll leave you with one. And you'll need a desktop to view it.
And they said parallax is overrated..


Q: Outside of work you play a little football and golf I believe?
I am a notorious center back in the glamorous fifth division. I will keep playing for another good ten years, If Zlatan can do it, so can I.
My golfing skills are just as exciting as my football skills. I spend more time in the woods trying to find my ball than I do on the fairways.


Q: What is the best place for people to contact you?
You can always shoot me an email at or call me at +46 768 96 49 56


Cheers Gustav. Always a pleasure.



BRV client Euromaster

Euromaster attract new franchise owners

We're happy to be working with a fantastic brand by the name of Euromaster. We've delivered their overall concept around how they should attract potential new franchise owners.

The concept will be rolled out at Euromaster events and included many exciting digital activities, as well as ´on-set activations such as "the cube", which we loosely based on the Batak reaction test, check out that fantastic piece of tomfoolery here.

Aside from the event we created a series of movies called "Garage Stories" - interviewing existing franchise owners at their place of work.

This is a slightly new direction for the Euromaster brand, communication-wise, and we can't wait to see the results.

"It's great to work with Euromaster, being a car fanatic myself. I wanted to create an honest portrayal of how it is to be a franchisee." said Gustaf Guner, lead creative on the project.



Brave evaluation plans

Digital Transformation starts here

The term Digital Transformation is bandied around a lot these days. It's the dish of the day at many a seminar and a subject that fills unlimited pages of business publications on and offline.

Have a look at the more successful (and most invested-in) companies in Sweden, and see the correlation between digital transformation and success...

However, it can be a tough process for a CEO or Marketing Manager to navigate the choppy waters of digital transformation. Genuine digital transformation doesn't just affect marketing, nor does it just affect IT. That's what makes it such a challenge internally at many companies - no one silo 'owns' digital transformation.

Here at BRV we have growth hacking in our DNA. Growth hacking helps get you results (asap) and transformation (long-term).

"What's growth hacking?" I hear you cry. For me it's the mentality of finding the most cost effective way of attaining the best possible business growth using modern technology and techniques in the shortest time.

Our staff are always pondering how they can growth hack together with our clients. Asking what that company can do now and see direct results?  What tweaks can they carry out to their existing online business to create an immediate effect?  What marketing techniques could they use now where getting attention is still under-priced?

Digital Transformation starts here

After meeting countless CEO's, MD's, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers - people in senior positions - over many years, we've noticed recurring themes, questions and challenges they all have in common when it comes to working with digital marketing.

Evaluation Plus

We've packaged up a process we're ever so slightly proud of. We call it the BRV Evaluation and it comes in 3 flavours - Lite, Plus and Premium.

Our Evaluation analyses what you can fix and improve on your existing web presence; what you can improve on your other digital touchpoints; what your users think, feel and need from you; advice on the areas you should focus your time and energy (for the best possible results) and much more.

So if you, or your boss, or your Marketing Department are grappling with digital transformation and digital marketing - you know where to start. :)

Brave Agency with Miljonlotteriet

Miljonlotteriet going digital with BRV

Miljonlotteriet are investing in a digital transformation and have chosen BRV as digital partner

We're as pleased as punch to have become the new digital agency for Miljonlotteriet and help them with their ambitious, fun, online plans for the future!

"Miljonlotteriet are at the start of a digital journey, aiming to offer their customers - and future customers - a much improved experience across all digital channels and touchpoints. We're delighted and honoured to be working with them to drive through this digital 'transformation'" said Stefan Jakobsson, MD at BRV.

BRV have already started working with Miljonlotteriet on a couple of pilot projects. Firstly making the existing website perform better on mobile devices with a focus on customer service and a 'self-service' function. We've also performed a couple of user experience and online-business 'healthcheck' evaluations. This insight-gathering phase will hold us in good stead along with the larger strategic shift of the brand next year.

"We feel like we've made a good choice of agency" said Åsa Fredriksson, Marketing and Communication Manager at Miljonlotteriet, "we have a lot of faith in BRV and their knowledge across digital channels. They have a modern, unique new way of working and thinking, and they always have the consumer's experience in primary focus.

Thanks Åsa!  We appreciate your kind words.  We look forward to doing great things with Miljonlotteriet Watch this space...


BRV Agency employee

Welcome to the team Albin!

We're delighted to welcome our new trainee Albin into the team. To say Albin has an interesting background would be an understatement. This former soldier, singer and actor is - luckily for us - now an excellent copywriter and content creator. He's now coming to the end of his formal training as a copywriter and we're happy he's crossed our path.

Albin is an expert in storytelling, and helping brands find and narrate their own brand stories.

Welcome to the team Albin!

BRV - Pulse

Sneak peek at a gamechanger

Sometimes a brief comes in and the writer of said brief uses terms like "we want to be game changers!" or "we must be innovative!" or "we want to revolutionize our industry!".  Well my friends, talk is cheap. Most people writing briefs like this are not really prepared to follow through on such grandiose words.

And this is understandable. It's human nature to fall back on tried and tested ideas...  To be frank, it takes big kahunas to genuinely drive through a game-changing project.

We like being brave. We truly believe that only from big, bold, daring ideas come new results. If you keep doing the same things you can be sure of only one thing... the same end result.  Here at our office we have huge kahunas.

So we love love love when we meet a gang who genuinely want to be game changers, to revolutionize their entire industry. In this case it was InExchange who have decided to modernize and reform a huge chunk of their industry. Hundreds of thousands of businesses share invoices, orders and other business documents via InExchange - they are Europe's fastest growing e-invoice company.

So, dear reader, here's a sneaky peek of a new concept called 'Pulse'. Enjoy!

Click here for a look at the work so far...


Instagram Tutti Frutti Competition

Tutti Frutti Instagram takeover

We love Instagram. And as you can see from the diagram below, so does a large chunk of the Tutti Frutti target audience in Sweden.

Instagram useage in Sweden
*Diagram = Instagram usage in Sweden, 2015

When Tutti Frutti wanted to launch a fun quiz to their target audience, Instagram seemed an obvious choice to us, so we started to work on a rather unique competition mechanic.

The prize of Happy Plugs gear provided the carrot and trigger for an 'in-Instagram' mosaic-style-image-quiz. Difficult to describe in mere words for this obviously limited writer, but you can check out the image below - and maybe visit the main competition landing page and you'll get the idea.

Instagram Tutti Frutti CompetitionThe competition gained traction almost immediately and we think this is a unique, simple way of letting people play and win. As usual we worked with POEM to make sure the paid-media advertising online was focusing on pin-sharp audiences and delivering absolute best ROI for the advertising budget.

Check it out on Instagram at the Tutti Frutti competition starting point.