Asitis – a new fintech concept


Asitis is a fast-growing company who deliver a market-leading factoring solution to banks, credit and finance companies.


“We want to change our industry” was the bold vision of Asitis. When it was time for Asitis to update their ageing Microsoft Dynamics platform they decided to go a whole lot further and build a new cloud-based system.
This required not only a whole new User Experience and User Interface design but also innovative, challenging ideas. Simplifying the complex world of factoring as a new user, or a seasoned user, was the main challenge. Not least was there a challenge for our own team to understand a complex industry and recommend improvements.


After interviews with users and senior management, then workshops focusing on key users of this complex system we defined working practices: how people used the Asitis system. We focused on how we could transform Asitis into something modern and contemporary – a system ready to take a new generation of users forward, as well as feel comfortable for people who have used the system for years.

Our solution focused on some key “must have” goals for the software: make the software collaborative; make the system minimise wasted manual work-hours; help users be proactive, have a clear overview of their work and maximum control.

As with all our projects we focus on our client’s clients. The absolute end-user of the service. How do we help improve their lives.


To let Asitis present our concept to their clients, we created a clickable prototype and exciting film to launch this visionary project at a major client event.

ClientAsitisServicesDesign, UXYear2016