Avellino Catering is a catering company specialized in traditional Swedish dishes such as “Smörgårtårta”. Today they offer a variety of products such as sandwiches, buffet platters and ready-to-eat dinners. Traditionally most of their clients have been B2B customers that order products through traditional channels such as phone and e-mail. But with their new e-commerce platform they will be able to sell more effectively to both B2B and B2C.

The goal

Our objectives was to create a modern and easy to use e-commerce platform that should be able to scale up their business and increase sales to B2C customers. The platform needed to include functions where customer could chose either home delivery or pick-up in store.


User Experience,
E-commerce, Branding


Their existing branding was a bit outdated and needed to become a bit more modern. We also needed to show that new things are happening at Avellino and that they are a company that started a new journey into the digital area (with more exiting solutions on the way).

Website update

Buying food online means that you really need to be able to see the products clear and they need to look both fresh and “real”. The process of buying also needs to be simple, clear and easy to understand. Avellino doesn’t have that complicated products but still there are some business rules that was needed to apply. Historically their product was also aimed towards an older target group hence why we focused a lot on the shopping experience and checkout.