About the project

InExchange operates the Nordic region’s largest business network, InExchange Network. Hundreds of thousands of companies share invoices, orders and other business documents here. With InExchange Network your business processes become safer, faster and smarter.

The challenge

We were asked by InExchange to create an app for a CFO at a big company. The app had the aim to become the CFOs best friend, showing rapid information, be easily accessible and shareable. A digital product that would convey the pulse of your company.


Innovation, Concept, Branding, App


We started out with interviews and created user personas to get a grip of exactly what a CFO and CEO needs to monitor the pulse of the company. We needed to find a way to present a lot of data and statistics in an easy and extremely user friendly way. Around 8 key functions were defined and among them income and cost were the most important. We played around with several ways on how to visually present data and statistics, from typical trading to sports and health statistics. We found a way to keep the core information clean and handy to access and used card design and graphs to present more detailed data.


An app that provides real-time data and statistics. Made to give management teams an overview and opportunity to share financial information with each other. Clean, fun and user friendly!