World’s first gamification + food portal


Knorr are a well established brand, founded in 1838, with a history of drying vegetables and seasonings.


Brand perception was low in Sweden, and although a historically innovative company, were not engaging an online audience to full potential. Our challenge was to embrace a younger generation of food lovers and modernise the brand.


We created the world’s first “gamification meets food” online community. The people of Sweden were encouraged to give the site their best food tips and recipes in exchange for points and prizes. The site quickly became a massive archive of food recipes, tips and much more.

Regular ‘tasks’ were posted on the site 2-3 times per week, e.g. “Give us your best tip for making meatballs, and get 300 points” or “Celebrate St Patrick’s Day today… send us a great Irish recipe for 500 points”. This playful mechanism resulted in a huge amount of user generated content being uploaded to the site, spread on social media, and a lot of goodwill towards Knorr amongst consumers.


Within a few months: 19 000 people opened accounts; over 20 000 user-generated recipes, and as many food hacks + tips; a mass of indexed pages at Google (giving Knorr a large online footprint); one on-site task asked people to Instagram their food photos (and get extra points!) we had over 60 000 uploaded.

ClientMIddagshjälpenServicesBranding, User Experience, Design, GamificationYear2013