Miljonlotteriet (a well-known Swedish lottery and bingo company) is in a phase where becoming more digital is vital. They have a lot of clients that still use ‘offline’ subscriptions such as scratch tickets but would like to get both new clients and existing clients to use embrace their digital platforms even more.

The goal

Our goal was to give the users a top-class experience when using their digital platforms. The goal has to be that using Miljonlotteriet’s online products should be as simple as using the offline variety.


Web, Branding, App

Digital branding

To make sure Miljonlotteriet is ready to go full steam ahead into their digital future we needed to update the branding. New logo, color scheme, element guidelines and tone of voice for images was produced.

Website update

Parallel to the branding project we did a large review of the existing website. Based on various insights from our custom tools (and customer input) we updated the UX and design of both the navigation and page elements. We also produced a new website structure for easy access to the most common functions on the website.

Prototyping and usability testing

Before implementation the CMS we created prototypes of major parts of the website which we usability tested to make sure they delivered upon our goals and KPI’s.