Naturskyddsföreningen is Sweden’s most influential environmental organisation and currently has around 221,000 members.


Originally Naturskyddsföreningen approached us wanting to create a simple online form to help educate people (their own staff, plus consumers) about their ecological brand “Bra Miljöval” (which means Good Environmental Choice in English).


We thought the staff and other intended audiences should be treated to a little more than an online form. Therefore we worked together with the in-house team at Naturskyddsföreningen and came up with the idea of creating a digital ‘Bra Miljöval’ world. The user could take a virtual, interactive journey and explore how the ‘Bra Miljöval’ brand works all over Sweden. We called this site Miljöresan.

Using elements of gamification and extensive modern illustrations, we built a responsive microsite which can be built upon and developed in the future.


The Miljöresen site captured the attention of the intended audiences – the staff at Naturskyddsförening, and members of the Swedish public – both of whom we wanted to engage with the ‘Bra Miljöval’ brand.

ClientNaturskyddsföreningenServicesUser Experience, Design, Illustrations, Web,