Sportlala – a new brand


Sportlala is Scandinavia’s first shopping club for sports and leisure products. They offer exclusive brands at unbeatable prices (up to 70% below regular price) – exclusively to their members.


Together with the in-house team at Sportlala we faced the challenge of -“how can we create a completely new retail brand for ‘members only'”. It’s not every day one is able to work on a completely new brand, and this made for an exciting challenge with branding required at all touchpoints.

We needed to create something that was active, tough, modern and made consumers hungry to be a member.


We delivered a complete branding platform. A responsive e-commerce and a market plan that Sportlala can work with in the short and long term. We also produced a launch campaign that was shown on public transport all over Stockholm, Gothenburg & Malmö as well as on social media channels.


The new branding was well received by the desired demographic. The new online branding gathered and retained web traffic and the launch campaign proved successful.

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