The term Digital Transformation is bandied around a lot these days. It’s the dish of the day at many a seminar and a subject that fills unlimited pages of business publications on and offline.

Have a look at the more successful (and most invested-in) companies in Sweden, and see the correlation between digital transformation and success…

However, it can be a tough process for a CEO or Marketing Manager to navigate the choppy waters of digital transformation. Genuine digital transformation doesn’t just affect marketing, nor does it just affect IT. That’s what makes it such a challenge internally at many companies – no one silo ‘owns’ digital transformation.

Here at BRV we have growth hacking in our DNA. Growth hacking helps get you results (asap) and transformation (long-term).

“What’s growth hacking?” I hear you cry. For me it’s the mentality of finding the most cost effective way of attaining the best possible business growth using modern technology and techniques in the shortest time.

Our staff are always pondering how they can growth hack together with our clients. Asking what that company can do now and see direct results?  What tweaks can they carry out to their existing online business to create an immediate effect?  What marketing techniques could they use now where getting attention is still under-priced?

Digital Transformation starts here

After meeting countless CEO’s, MD’s, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers – people in senior positions – over many years, we’ve noticed recurring themes, questions and challenges they all have in common when it comes to working with digital marketing.

Evaluation Plus

We’ve packaged up a process we’re ever so slightly proud of. We call it the BRV Evaluation and it comes in 3 flavours – Lite, Plus and Premium.

Our Evaluation analyses what you can fix and improve on your existing web presence; what you can improve on your other digital touchpoints; what your users think, feel and need from you; advice on the areas you should focus your time and energy (for the best possible results) and much more.

So if you, or your boss, or your Marketing Department are grappling with digital transformation and digital marketing – you know where to start. 🙂