We’re happy to be working with a fantastic brand by the name of Euromaster. We’ve delivered their overall concept around how they should attract potential new franchise owners.

The concept will be rolled out at Euromaster events and included many exciting digital activities, as well as ´on-set activations such as “the cube”, which we loosely based on the Batak reaction test, check out that fantastic piece of tomfoolery here.

Aside from the event we created a series of movies called “Garage Stories” – interviewing existing franchise owners at their place of work.

This is a slightly new direction for the Euromaster brand, communication-wise, and we can’t wait to see the results.

“It’s great to work with Euromaster, being a car fanatic myself. I wanted to create an honest portrayal of how it is to be a franchisee.” said Gustaf Guner, lead creative on the project.