Insight and recommendations for business improvement

Would you like to better understand your online customers and maximise ROI from your digital channels? Our Evaluation can help. Let our team of user experience designers and business growth hackers analyse your web presence and create you a tailor-made report that shows exactly what to improve - today - to help you sell more products or build your brand.

Which title describes you the best?

As an MD / CEO of a business you likely:

  • Oversee the whole marketing strategy of your company.
  • Analyse and evaluate your marketing team’s performance.
  • Have responsibility for the digital transformation required to outpace competitors.

Our Evaluation Process will help you answer these questions:

  • What parts of my online business are delivering concrete results?
  • What parts of my online presence can I change NOW to increase sales and results?
  • What areas of my online presence should I place less focus on?
  • How well is my online marketing performing in my various markets?
  • What kind of content marketing should my marketing department deliver?
  • What are my competitors doing successfully online and how can I overtake them?

As the Marketing Manager of a company you likely:

  • Implement the Marketing Plan for your company, worldwide.
  • Inspire and manage your Marketing Team.
  • Have responsibility for keeping on top of all trends within marketing.
  • Attempt to build a ’buzz’ around your brand – with the lowest possible budget.

Our Evaluation Process will help you answer these questions:

  • How is my online marketing really performing?
  • What areas of my website and other online touchpoints can I change NOW to attain instant and noticeable results?
  • What areas of online marketing should I focus on to maximise my marketing results?
  • Am I getting as much out of digital media as possible?

As a Social Media Manager you likely:

  • Oversee the Social Marketing strategy for your company.
  • Decide which social channels to embrace.
  • Create content to engage, entertain and inform your audience


Our Evaluation will help you answer these questions:

  • What social channels should I invest my time and money in?
  • What social channels are my competitors dominating and profiting from?
  • How can my (already stretched) social content team maximise our performance?
  • What kind of content will perform well on Facebook/YouTube/Instagram in my industry?
  • How effective is my social media strategy? What concrete business return am I getting?

This is way more than a simple website analysis. The BRV evaluation gave me recommendations which, in hindsight, were ‘open goals’ for my business. Thanks guys!”
– Craig Fairgrieve, Letts Diaries.

”Knowing what areas of our web presence to adjust for maximum business return is a vital component for our success”.
Jan Erlandssson, Miljonlotteriet.

”At our agency we always pro-actively try to improve our client’s business. The BRV evaluation gave us insights our clients could act upon immediately… plus a couple of exciting online campaign ideas! I’m delighted, and so is our client!”
– Marios Forslund, Change.

We've created three evaluation packages to fit your company needs and budget. No hidden fees.


45 000 SEK / 4.600 EUR

Evaluation Lite gives you the most important insights into your website, your customers and a concrete list of improvements you could make right away for business improvement.


85 000 SEK / 8.750 EUR

Evaluation Plus also gives you the insights and recommendations required for immediate business improvement but also analyses what your consumers are saying about you and your competitors online.


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Evaluation Premium is our most advanced package and includes the tools you need to thoroughly analyse your existing consumers and create a digital marketing plan for the digital transformation of your business. Price available on request.

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