When we bring in designers to the BRV family we bring in the creme-de-la-creme. The best. People that live and breath modern user experience and design and give love to each and every pixel. Not only that, they need to have business-savvy growth hacker instincts.

Nothing gladdens my hardened Scottish heart more than seeing the team here at BRV HQ in the evenings or at weekends beavering away.  Sharpening their skills. Sacrificing endless Netflix shows to stay at the top of their game.

So yes, great online designers are not easy to find.

However we did find this one. Mr Gustav Ågren has it all.  Here’s a few questions posed to the man, the myth and the design heart of BRV.

When you’ve finished reading this article, make sure you go to his Dribbble page to see his work and get inspired!


Q: Gustav with a V! Tell us a little about yourself! Age, sex, location:
I’m a 24 year old leg-breaking center back from the suburb Partille just outside Gothenburg. Tidy.


Q: Did you study? If so, what?
I studied graphic design and communication at NTI Media here in Gothenburg.


Q: Where did you work before BRV?
I’ve been around! Started my career at Duplica (former Toro – Götatryckeriet) where I created design for all kinds of medias.  From print to adverts, identities, and digital products. Since then I’ve worked with startups, design studios and a few months as a freelancer. My shortest employment was 7 days. I had just started at a small design agency when I was approached by the guys from Studio JAG, after a couple of beers they managed to convince me to go with them.


Q: So what’s your job at BRV?
My job description is digital designer. As a digital designer I try my very best to create thoughtful and beautiful solutions for the digital world.


Q: What’s the best part of your job? Apart from working with me, obviously…
Designing, sketching and illustrating is stuff I like to do outside of work too, so being able to work with something I have a real passion for is the best part of being a designer.


Q: What gets you really excited workwise?  What do you LOVE working on?
Starting a new project is always the best part of any project. Exploring different ideas, improving user experience and trying out different styles is easily the most fun.


Q: What’s the best online design you’ve seen lately?  Through us a link or two…
I’ll leave you with one. And you’ll need a desktop to view it.
And they said parallax is overrated..


Q: Outside of work you play a little football and golf I believe?
I am a notorious center back in the glamorous fifth division. I will keep playing for another good ten years, If Zlatan can do it, so can I.
My golfing skills are just as exciting as my football skills. I spend more time in the woods trying to find my ball than I do on the fairways.


Q: What is the best place for people to contact you?
You can always shoot me an email at gustav.agren@brave.se or call me at +46 768 96 49 56


Cheers Gustav. Always a pleasure.