Here’s a cheeky little recent case study… it’s a decent example of a Phygital campaign.

Phygital Marketing – blending the physical and digital to create an ecosystem between the brand and consumer across the two worlds.

This is a project was done together with our partner Change Agency for Paulúns – the fantastic food brand.

The project crossed into the realm of “phygital” marketing where we inspired people to get a Paulúns IoT product (fitness armband) by collecting their purchase receipts. Users then upload their receipts at a website to receive the product: an IoT armband + app.

A jolly nice little campaign – and we have big plans for further developing the Paulúns brand with smart, innovative, online solutions

Pop into the campaign site and bag yourself a Fitness Armband while stocks last.

Would you like to offer a simple version of this for your customers?

Do so simply by rewarding your clients when they buy one of your products…

  1. Your customer buys one of your products
  2. He/she uploads a photo of their receipt to a special website
  3. Your customer is further rewarded… perhaps with the chance to enter a competition; or a special offer on further sales… you’re only limited by your imagination! 🙂

If you’d like us to build this for you, get in touch – email me at