Digitization has changed our lives in so many ways. It’s changed how we work, we have witnessed entire industries metamorphosing in front of our eyes. It’s changed how we consume media, and even the way we eat.

How we humans consume, find inspiration and even order our food has been radically changed by digitization. The cookbooks of old have been replaced by (or accompanied with) websites, blogs, Instagram and Facebook. Burgers, pizza, Asian food, tacos… almost any world food you can imagine is but a simple click away these days for many people in towns and cities.  You don’t even need to visit supermarkets anymore – if you want to cook your own dinner – you can just go online and get your groceries delivered.

Thanks to digitization large groups of food geeks have become established. People sharing their passion and love for all things culinary are able to experiment with new and exciting flavors and share this passion via blogs, Instagram accounts and more.

These “foodies” often create such a large and influential digital footprint that they become known as ‘influencers’ online.

We’re lucky enough to have a few foodies and influencers working right here with us at our sister companies in The COG, one of them being Joacim Winqvist, who created the Matkoma blog (‘food coma’ in English) together with his girlfriend back in 2012…


Here’s an interview with the man himself!

How do you create a successful food blog?
There are so many great food blogs so I think  the most important thing is to have a clear vision and direction of what type of food you blog about.


Any favorite food accounts on social media?
I like @food52, @feedfeed and of course @munchies


Tell me about yourself and where your interest for food comes from.
My love for food came naturally. I have a tendency to lose myself in stuff combined with a constant drive to try new things and discover new places. I just love ‘authentic’ food. You can’t just download great food from Piratebay or buy a copy from someone. Real food takes time and requires effort, but it’s worth it because you get so much back.


How picky are you when it comes to food?
Not at all! As long as someone has tried to put his or her heart and soul into the dish I’m happy. If someone invites me to dinner and has tried their best I’m happy.


Does it happen that you sometimes buy processed food?
Yes, it happens, but my ambition is to avoid it as much as possible because it tastes so much better with food that is cooked from scratch.


Do you have any tips/suggestions where you can buy or eat really good food here in Gothenburg?
When it comes to restaurants, I think Barabicu and Familjen have really good food. If you want a great lunch I can recommend Vegan Buns and JINX Food Truck on Magasinsgatan.


Your friends are coming over for dinner. What do you cook?
I usually keep it quite simple. If I had guests tonight I would make some fish tacos with lots of tasty sides so the guests can make their own taco however they want it. Something good to drink and a great soundtrack on the stereo are also reallyimportant!


You’re free, have no plans and time to eat the perfect breakfast. What do you make?
If I get to choose I would make a freshly baked sourdough roll or baguette with tasty cheese and marmalade, one medium boiled egg, oatmeal with apple and skimmed milk, fresh fruit and at least one large cup of coffee.


I’m over-consuming thyme. Do you have any seasonings or ingredients that you can’t  live without or that you use a little too much of?
I love chili flakes. I´m not a sucker for hot food generally, but chili flakes in a soup, or on an avocado sandwich,  or even on the breakfast egg is insanely delicious. I also like black pepper, maybe it sounds boring, but fresh black pepper on a carbonara completes the dish.


Where do you get your inspiration?
When I travel, and from blogs, Instagram and Youtube.


Finally – what is the best dish/food/you have eaten?
I have no specific favorite dish. It completely depends on the situation and the atmosphere.


Thanks for taking the time to speak to me Joacim!  We love the blog!!