As well as working with improving the user experience and design of our client’s online presence we also help certain clients with their off-site marketing…

What do I mean by “off-site” marketing?
Well that’s all marketing that happens in off-site channels. In this case we have helped Santa Maria rocket up to joint top place in Instagram rankings for their industry in rapid quick time.


How do you succeed with off-site, specifically social media, marketing?
Most companies treat social media marketing a bit like exercise. Everyone knows they should do it; everyone understands the long-term benefits; everyone knows that the successful people do it… but most people will give it a go for a while and give up shortly afterwards.

Here at BRV we’ve developed a completely unique strategy for Social Media content:

  • We analyse top international brands. What is their success down to? What is the “secret sauce” behind their most successful social media content?
  • We cook down this secret sauce into a formulaic process for creating amazing social media content week in, week out.
  • We ignore ‘fluff’ metrics for social media. We only measure posts and content that we can trace back to creating actual business value.

Going through the above process, then tweaking our strategic formula specifically for Santa Maria we’ve managed to help create a whole ‘bank’ of amazing content that will keep Santa Maria’s consumers interested, engaged and – most importantly – buying Santa Maria products for months to come.

If you’re interested in tasting the BRV Agency “Secret Sauce” for social media strategies, then get in touch. Mail