Sometimes a brief comes in and the writer of said brief uses terms like “we want to be game changers!” or “we must be innovative!” or “we want to revolutionize our industry!”.  Well my friends, talk is cheap. Most people writing briefs like this are not really prepared to follow through on such grandiose words.

And this is understandable. It’s human nature to fall back on tried and tested ideas…  To be frank, it takes big kahunas to genuinely drive through a game-changing project.

We like being brave. We truly believe that only from big, bold, daring ideas come new results. If you keep doing the same things you can be sure of only one thing… the same end result.  Here at our office we have huge kahunas.

So we love love love when we meet a gang who genuinely want to be game changers, to revolutionize their entire industry. In this case it was InExchange who have decided to modernize and reform a huge chunk of their industry. Hundreds of thousands of businesses share invoices, orders and other business documents via InExchange – they are Europe’s fastest growing e-invoice company.

So, dear reader, here’s a sneaky peek of a new concept called ‘Pulse’. Enjoy!

Click here for a look at the work so far…