We present… Spotify Video

We all love Spotify. There’s not a day of my life when I don’t use it. I use it at home, I use it at the office, I use it when I’m traveling from A to B. It’s an incredible service, getting better all the time… but we think we could improve it. So we’ve taken the liberty of sketching out our improvement right here.

Some say music is best when shared with others. Being part of a live concert or special occasion allows you to really feel the spirit of your favourite artist performing. And our new concept is based on that very insight.

We present to you: Spotify Video. An improvement to Spotify we would love to see!

Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom and watch the video!

What is Spotify Video? How would it work?

  • With Spotify video you could experience live concerts with 360 degree videos.
  • You’d have access to the latest interviews, music videos and more from your favorite artists.
  • Spotify Video’s social feature would allow you and other fans to vote, comment and take part in concerts and more.
  • When the average person looks at their phone over 200 times per day, Spotify Video is an open goal for Spotify!

We’ve sketched up how we think ‘Spotify Video’ could look – check out the designs and short movie below. What do you think?  Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or snail-mail and let us know.


/The BRV Team

P.S. Daniel Ek!  If you’re reading this… you know where to find us 🙂