We love Instagram. And as you can see from the diagram below, so does a large chunk of the Tutti Frutti target audience in Sweden.

Instagram useage in Sweden
*Diagram = Instagram usage in Sweden, 2015

When Tutti Frutti wanted to launch a fun quiz to their target audience, Instagram seemed an obvious choice to us, so we started to work on a rather unique competition mechanic.

The prize of Happy Plugs gear provided the carrot and trigger for an ‘in-Instagram’ mosaic-style-image-quiz. Difficult to describe in mere words for this obviously limited writer, but you can check out the image below – and maybe visit the main competition landing page and you’ll get the idea.

Instagram Tutti Frutti CompetitionThe competition gained traction almost immediately and we think this is a unique, simple way of letting people play and win. As usual we worked with POEM to make sure the paid-media advertising online was focusing on pin-sharp audiences and delivering absolute best ROI for the advertising budget.

Check it out on Instagram at the Tutti Frutti competition starting point.