We’re delighted to welcome Pontus Börjesson into the warm bosom of the BRV family. Pontus will add even more strength to our team within digital design and concept creation.


Team BRV

Pontus… who are you?
I’m 22, a native Göteborgare with an incredible passion for design and concept development.

Tell us something not a lot of people know about Pontus Börjesson…
When I was 6 years old I won a creative lego house building competition.

Tell us about your background in the industry
My restless nature finally led to me to find an output for my creativity – that was when I applied to Hyper Island, specifically the Digital Media Creative course.

What do you bring to Brave?
I love doing surprising work. That’s what attracted me to Brave in the first place – it’s an agency that dares to do what others won’t.
I’m always testing new areas to create as wide a perspective as possible. Testing can occasionally mean failing, but that’s where the real learnings come from! I’d go as far as to say that digital creatives without that mentality won’t make it in the branch…

What about your interests away from work?
My biggest interest (apart from design) is sport – in all its forms. Highest on the list is football (I’ve been playing for 17 years). It’s not just about the fitness and entertainment value, I enjoy the mechanics of building up a team and a team mentality with different types of individuals all pulling in the same direction for the same goal. Literally.