Better insights lead to a better user experience. Notice I use the word “better” in that sentence. The world is full of data – gathering ‘big data’ has become somewhat of a cliché. It’s easy to gather and then drown in ‘big’ data, but it’s tougher to find the real insights within that data.

Here at BRV we only employ Growth Hackers
Here at BRV our employees are all trained in the ninja arts of Growth Hacking. The Growth Hacker ruthlessly optimizes incoming traffic for success, and the focus is always on refining the service of our client… constantly improving customer retention, as outlined by Eric Ries.

The most successful companies understand the value of research; insight-driven recommendations; user experience and top-notch design. This body of work returns actual business results. When we first started working with Santa Maria we proposed to really nail the right insights and do thorough research before we started pixel-pushing any new designs.

We started with a thorough website evaluation. To do this we have a host of favourite tools, techniques user experience and data analysis software. These tools help us deep dive the data, measure behaviour of the site users and many other nifty things. This kind of background helps us decipher what must be improved in order to have a website that converts better and give the end user a much smoother and happier experience of the Santa Maria brand.


Santa Maria evaluation of website


How to you get the best effect from masses of data?
How do you eat an elephant?* You break it up into small chunks. Based on our mass of data and insights we gave a list of prioritized actions to focus on when redesigning some of the website’s most important pages and functions. Some changes are more important than others. Some changes will give quicker, more effective results – we prioritize our actions according to expected business results.

One concrete change we decided upon was to give more space for the site content by adding a left menu and minimizing the logo to the top left corner. By doing this the end user will see more content much quicker and also makes the website even more mobile-first. The site now looks and feels like a web-app.


Santa Maria website


Santa Maria website

And the result? – Well check it out yourself …it’s state of the art UX and design and top of the class in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) food and beverage category at the moment.

We call this method of working “Evaluation+“. If you’d like to know more about our process and the practical improvements it can make to your business, then send us an e-mail and we’ll tell you more.




*We do not condone the eating of elephants. In large or small chunks.