From packaging to digital


Grandiosa are a much loved pizza brand in Sweden. All their pizzas being baked in a stone oven at ‘Sweden’s largest pizzeria’ in Vansbro.


Grandiosa wanted to reward their customers who had bought a pizza with an exciting online experience based around the Swedish national football team.


“Get the team home!” Our concept was based around getting the Swedish football team back home from France. When people had purchased a Grandiosa pizza they could enter a special code (on the pizza packaging) at the campaign website which triggered the competition into action! The consumer’s code ‘unlocked’ a country on the way home to Sweden… and meant that they were eager to buy another pizza to further unlock the route home. A chance to win VIP tickets to a football match was the carrot in the competition.


The campaign synchronised the physical product with the digital world. The campaign performed better than anticipated resulting in thousands of users in a relatively short period of time. Each new site user was triggered to buy more products to continue playing in the campaign. Win win!